29/08/2013 - News

Condominium Law - Extension of time limit for status compliance

By the law of August 17, 2013 published in the Belgian Official Journal on 22 August 2013, the deadline for status compliance of all condominiums with the law of 2010 was brought at 1 September 2014.

Condominiums are strongly advised to be brought into compliance by notarial deed for three reasons:

- Most of the condominium statutes are not in accordance with the law of 1994. And yet, the ability to be brought into compliance under private agreement provided by law is limited to conformity with provisions amended in 2010. For condominiums created before 1994, it is not even possible to make use of this option.

- Compliance statutes amendment act is an important act that should be left to experts. However, only notaries are true professionals in writing basic act or building regulations about condominiums. Lawyers or trustees may be connoisseurs of the condominium, but not in editing condominium bylaws.

- The notarial deed before a notary is not only binding against third parties including future owners, but it is especially endowed with enforceability. In other words, the notarial deed has the same force as a legal judgment. This is not the case of a private agreement which does not have any contractual value. 

This is why Trevi Group has negotiated with some notaries an exclusive agreement of compliance with the condominium bylaws, in order to:

- Reduce costs due to this compliance;

- While providing optimum legal security to all owners.

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