The patrimonial company, a Belgian reality

Patrimonial companies have always been considered as the ideal way for the acquisition and transmission of property assets.

Over the years, this efficient structure has however been penalized in the transfer of real-estate assets.

The legislator is strengthening the pressure by increasing the liquidation bonus to 30% at present.

Owners who want to separate themselves from their real estate, in particular to dispose of cash or to avoid conflicts in case of inheritance, are faced with 2 choices:

  • The real estate sale, which is often heavily taxed.
  • The pure transfer of all shares or the partnership shares of the company

But still it is necessary to know questions such as “at what price” and especially “to whom to sell”?

It is precisely to answer this double question of the market that TREVI Group created the TREVI PATRIMONIAL department.

TREVI PATRIMONIAL: the 9 stages of our approach: 

As a leader in the Belgian real estate market, TREVI GROUP offers an exclusive structure benefitting from a unique know-how that combines real estate, accounting, legal and tax expertise to value and sell your patrimonial company under optimal conditions.


1) Valuation of the real estate patrimony of your company

Taking advantage from a network established throughout Belgium and focusing on all types of property, from residential to professional, TREVI is THE ideal partner to value the properties belonging to your company according to their specificities. The valuation takes into account the following parameters in particular:

  • Location
  • General State
  • Comparison Points
  • Rental Yield
  • Occupation Rate
  • Works to Consider

Our department works also in close collaboration with several expert offices, if necessary.


2) Global valuation of shares/partnership shares of your company

The accurate valuation of the shares/partnership shares is a very important element. It requires high-level technical skills. In order to guarantee a realistic valuation, TREVI Patrimonial will also take into account the following elements:

  • Current Immovable Assets
  • Movable Assets
  • Cash Equivalents
  • Tax Debts
  • Deferred Taxes
  • Social Liability

Our department works also in close collaboration with an accounting office, if necessary.


3) Legal and tax advice to optimize the transfer

Based on the valuation obtained, we will study together how to optimize the transfer of your units or shares in order to obtain the best possible result when it goes on sale.


4) Creation of the sales file

As an essential document, a precise, objective and fair presentation file is the guarantee of an effective negotiation (see list of necessary documents below).

Our team can call upon the services of a professional photographer if it is useful, in order to better enhance the real estate property (properties).


5) Put on sale

The sale of your company and the commercial experience of our TREVI Patrimonial department is the essential element of the sales process.

Integration into our database of acquirers looking for investors interested in the profile of your company.

The verification of the solvency of the candidate purchasers.

We will present and promote your sales file to buyers and investors in our database. In order to protect you from any unpleasant surprises, we will check the creditworthiness of the proposed acquirer.


6) Negotiation

Once the candidate has been selected, it will be important to negotiate the best price, but also all conditions related to the sale before undertaking the "due diligence" exercise.


7) Organization of the due diligence

We will centralize the documents and organize the planning of the due diligence in an efficient and fast manner. Carried out by the buyer, it will benefit from our support and follow-up.


8) Preparation and negotiation of the transfer agreement

Established by our department, this agreement will secure the entire transfer process in your best interests.


9) Closing of the transfer

Finally, we will assist you with the signature of the agreement, the shareholders’ register, the creation of possible guarantees, the minutes of general meetings and other mandatory steps about any change of shareholders ownership.

Our added value:

  • Combine the skills of a real estate agent and an accounting audit firm


  • Customized and professional support throughout the sales process.

TREVI Patrimonial, a unique professional partner to accompany, guide and advise you to make this transfer a successful operation.

  • Discretion and confidentiality

You are the only one to determine the confidentiality level: the identity of your company will not be communicated without your permission.

  • Effectiveness of our sales force

TREVI Patrimonial owns a constantly updated database of Belgian or foreign acquirers, ensuring you to get the best possible buyer for your company.

Want to sell or buy a heritage company? Ask your questions to one of our specialists.

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